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Picture of Model 19A
Picture of Model 19A
Picture of Model 19A
Needle Valve Cutaway

Model 19A Stainless Steel Needle Valve


  • Full Orifice
  • Straight Body
  • 1/4" Male NPT Inlet
  • 1/4" Male NPT Outlet
  • 316 Stainless Steel Construction
  • Built for service up to 1,800 psig, which is the maximum pressure at which the stem can easily be turned
  • Proudly 100% manufactured in the USA in our Bartlesville, Oklahoma facility
  • UPC: 860000192910

MGM Model 19A stainless steel needle valves are designed for use in laboratory or other applications where fluid transfer is required. Model 19A is ruggedly built for severe environments of up to 350º F and 1500 psig. The 19A feature American Standard ¼” male pipe threads on each end to mate with new or existing fittings or equipment.

The 19A needle valve has replaceable Teflon stem tips and o-ring packing. 

NOTE:  DO NOT use a wrench to tighten the stem against the seat.  The 19A is a soft-seated (Teflon to stainless steel) needle valve. Hand wheel should be finger tightened only.  Over tightening the valve will result in unnecessary deformation of the Teflon tip and could permanently damage the stem threads.

Part Material
Body 316-SS
Stem 316-SS
Bonnet 316-SS
Hand Wheel SS-416
Stem Tip Teflon
O-ring Viton