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Back Pressure Check Valves

MGM Back Pressure Check Valves are mainly used for protection of container contents when the desired flow will always be into the vessel. MGM's one-way check valves can be manufactured in a variety of configurations: wafer-style, threaded, or flanged.


Back Pressure Check Valves are normally closed valves. The check mechanism is spring loaded to hold the valve in the closed position at any orientation and precludes possibility of flow out of the container. When flow starts into the container, pressure overcomes the spring force and opens the check. As soon as flow stops or reverses, the check closes. The action prevents the escape of tank contents in the event of accidental breakage of the piping or fittings leading to the container opening. These check valves may also be installed in piping where flow must be limited to one direction.  Most MGM Back Pressure Check Valves are listed by Underwriters Laboratory for use with Propane, Butane and Anhydrous Ammonia.


MGM Back Pressure Check Valves do not have a maximum flow rating like an excess flow check valve.  These stainless steel or carbon steel check valves are to be installed in lines flowing into pressure tanks, as near to the tank as possible.