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About MGM

MGM has embraced technology to design and manufacture parts and components that are shipped world-wide. Through investment in people, equipment and systems, MGM has been able to achieve a culture of continuous improvement. This has enabled MGM to both meet and exceed the demands of a diverse industrial customer base.

MGM is located in Bartlesville, OK in a 25,000 square feet manufacturing facility. As with any successful enterprise, an experienced and motivated workforce is essential, and MGM’s success is due, in large part to the employees on staff.

MGM History

MGM was incorporated in 1939 and has been located in Bartlesville since its beginning. The company’s first products were laboratory equipment used for sampling and testing gasolines and liquefied petroleum gases. The company founder held several patents for these lab products that are still being manufactured and distributed throughout the world today.

In the post WWII period, MGM successfully designed and patented a line of tank car products, including liquid level gauges used in rail tank cars, ships and barges. In 1963, MGM designed and patented an improved liquid level gauge. It was smaller, lighter, more accurate and reliable. Elevated environmental concerns in the late 1980s necessitated another design update. This gauging device, Model 275, is currently being manufactured with many thousands in service.

The company developed a line of excess flow check valves and back pressure check valves manufactured from materials designed specifically to withstand the harsh environment used in Anhydrous Ammonia service. Like the lab line, this line of valves continues to be manufactured today and has been expanded into many configurations and materials suitable for a full range of liquids and gases and closing flows.