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SS Pressure Relief Valves

MGM’s SS pressure relief valves are designed to protect piping and equipment from overpressure conditions.  The relief valves are available in any relief pressure from 50 to 1,800 psig and will automatically reseat after discharge. They are available in ¼” male or female pipe threads to mate with new or existing fittings or equipment.  The valves discharge to the environment.

Standard materials are 316 stainless steel for the valve body, spring, retainer, orifice, lock orifice, and bonnet. The soft valve seat is made of Viton, which provides a “bubble tight” seal.  Other seat materials are available upon request (e.g. Kalrez).

The below two pressure relief valves are available to order online. Model 210J has 1/4" male and female pipe threads while Model 213J has a set of 1/4" female pipe threads one one end and an outage tube on the other end. MGM is able to manufacture relief valves with any of our Needle Valve body configurations. Please contact MGM for availability.

210J Relief Valve - SS 316

Pressure Relief Valve 210J- 316 stainless steel construction

213J Relief Valve - SS 316

Pressure Relief Valve - 316 stainless steel construction


  • 1/4” male and female NPT threaded connections.
  • Straight body configurations
  • Pressure settings from 50 to 1800 psig
  • Heavy duty stainless steel construction will withstand extreme environments.
  • Multiple outage tube lengths are available for the Model 213 valves
  • 100% factory tested for leaks and relief pressure
  • Factory tolerance for relief pressure is +/- 10%


The No. 210 & 213 series MGM Relief Valves are designed for the protection of piping and equipment from over-pressure conditions. They are available for any predetermined pressure from 50 to 1500 psig and will automatically reseat after discharge. Valves in this series feature American Standard 1/8” or 1/4” male and female pipe threads to mate with new or existing fittings or equipment.

Other features of the MGM No. 210 & 213 series relief valves are seat discs made of Viton which provide a “bubble tight “ seal. Pipe Away Adapters are available for the direct connection of vent piping when required. Outage tubes (dip tubes) have been incorporated into the inlet end of the No. 213 series valves.

NOTE: Each relief mechanism is set to the required pressure and sealed before leaving the MGM factory. When ordering the customer should state the model number and pressure desired.