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210J Relief Valve - SS 316
210J Relief Valve - SS 316
210J Relief Valve - SS 316
210J Relief Valve - SS 316

Model 210J Relief Valve - SS 316

MGM Model 210J Relief Valves are positive pressure relief mechanisms for any predetermined pressure from 50 to 1800 pounds per square inch.


  • 316 stainless steel construction
  • Relief valve pressures ranging from 50 to 1800 psig*
  • Relief valve will automatically reseat after opening and subsequent pressure drop
  • Relief valve is sealed with a lock orifice to prevent tampering or adjustment to the relief pressure
  • ¼” Male thread and ¼” female thread, straight body configuration
  • Male pipe threads have tapered seats to fit MGM’s Universal Fittings
  • Specialty coatings available upon request
  • Specialty seat material (e.g. Kalrez) available upon request

*Within 10% factory tolerance

*Relief Valves are custom products and are not in stock. Please allow two weeks to ship.

Materials: SS-316

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The No. 210 & 213 series MGM Relief Valves are designed for the protection of piping and equipment from over-pressure conditions. They are available for any predetermined pressure from 50 to 1800 psig and will automatically reseat after discharge. Valves in this series feature American Standard 1/8” or 1/4” male and female pipe threads to mate with new or existing fittings or equipment.

Other features of the MGM No. 210 & 213 series relief valves are seat discs made of Viton which provide a “bubble tight “ seal. Pipe Away Adapters are available for the direct connection of vent piping when required. Outage tubes (dip tubes) have been incorporated into the inlet end of the No. 213 series valves.

NOTE: Each relief mechanism is set to the required pressure and sealed before leaving the MGM factory. When ordering the customer should state the model number and pressure desired.