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Hemco 2 inch Excess Flow Check Valve
Hemco 2 inch Excess Flow Check Valve
Hemco 2 inch Excess Flow Check Valve Cross Section
Picture of Hemco High Flow

Hemco High Flow Check Valves


  • Proprietary valve body design enables high closing flows
  • Designed to fit between 150 or 300 pound American Standard steel pipe flanges.
  • NEW Now standard low temp A350 LF2 steel construction.
  • Generous flow channels provide minimal pressure drops.
  • Heavy duty steel construction will withstand temperatures from -50ᴼ F (-45ᴼ C) to +300ᴼ F (+148ᴼ C).
  • Complete stainless steel construction available for greater range of operating temperatures.
  • UNDERWRITERS LABORATORIES INC. listed for propane, butane, and anhydrous ammonia.

Canadian Registration Number: OC18566.5ADD1
Series Pipe Size A B C D E Flow Rating
Hemco High Flow 150# 2" 12.000 6.000 3.625 0.750 N/A Click Here
Hemco High Flow 300# 2" 12.250 6.500 3.625 0.875 N/A Click Here
Hemco High Flow 150# 3" 12.250 7.500 5.000 0.938 N/A Click Here
Hemco High Flow 300# 3" 13.250 8.250 5.000 1.125 N/A Click Here
Hemco High Flow 4" 150# 4" 6.000 9.000 6.188 0.938 6.438* Click Here
Hemco High Flow 4" 300# 4" 6.000 10.000 6.188 1.250 6.438* Click Here
All Size Values are in Inches.

MGM is pleased to announce its acquisition of a high flow excess flow check valve from Hemco Industries. These double flanged valves offer much higher flow rates than MGM’s other double flanged valves and are available in 2”, 3” and 4” versions. They are made of carbon and stainless steel.

The Hemco Excess Flow Check Valves are equipped with either 150# or 300# raised face, forged flanges. Standard gaskets should be used on each end.

The Hemco High Flow Excess Flow Check Valves can be installed in any orientation with negligible effect on flow rate. Each valve will have the proper closing flow direction indicated by an arrow stamped into the body. As with all MGM excess flow check valves, the High Flow Valve is equipped with an orifice in the check mechanism to allow for pressure equalization and will reopen automatically after the repairs are made.

Carbon Steel 316 Stainless
Body Low-temp Carbon 316-SS
Guide Low-temp Carbon 316-SS
Spring --- 302-SS ---
Poppet(incl. nut and cotter pin) --- 316-SS ---