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230 Back Pressure Check Valve
230 Back Pressure Check Valve
230 Back Pressure Check Valve
Picture of Model 230

MGM Model 230 Series Flanged Back Pressure Check Valves

  • Designed to fit between 150 or 300 pound American Standard steel pipe flanges. Ring groove flanges can be furnished if required.
  • Generous flow channels provide minimal pressure drops.
  • Heavy duty A350-LF2 steel construction will withstand temperatures from -50ᴼ F (-45ᴼ C) to +300ᴼ F (+148ᴼ C) and internal pressures up to 2000 psig (138 barg).
  • Complete stainless steel construction available for greater ange of operating temperatures.

Canadian Registration Number: OC13500.5C
Series Pipe Size A
230:I 2" 4.5 Get Quote
230:K 3" 5.25 Get Quote
230:M 4" 6.0 Get Quote
230:P 6" 8.63 Get Quote
230:Q 8" 10.0 Get Quote
230:R 10" 13.13 Get Quote
All Size Values are in Inches.
  Carbon Steel 316 Stainless
Body Low-temp Carbon 316-SS
Guide Low-temp Carbon 316-SS
Spring --- 316-SS or 302-SS ---
Poppet(incl. nut and cotter pin) --- 316--SS ---

*Alternative materials available at additional cost

MGM Model 230 Back Pressure Check Valves are designed to allow flow in one direction only. The check mechanism is held in the closed position by a spring, which stops flow in the reverse direction. When pressure from flow in the permitted direction overcomes the force of the spring, the check mechanism opens. When this flow stops or reverses, the check closes. The metal-to- metal seating allows slight leakage after closure. The valves are recommended for use in all inflowing lines.

Model 230 Back Pressure Check Valves are designed for installation in lines that flow into pressure tanks where flanged connections are required. These valves should be used in inflowing lines when outward flow is never required.

Model 230 Back Pressure Check Valves can be mounted in any orientation. Each valve will have the proper flow direction indicated by an arrow stenciled into the body. As with all MGM Back Pressure Check Valves, do not reduce outlet pipe size. Back Pressure Check Valves should be installed as close as possible to the container, with the poppet stem pointed inwardly toward the container.