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Pressure Relief Valves vs Rupture Discs

Pressure relief valves are more reliable for over-pressure protection when properly sized & properly operated vs. devices with rupture discs, sometimes called rupture disc tees.  Pressure relief valves are more versatile and can be used for many services.  The primary purpose of a pressure relief valve is to relieve excess pressure, reseat and prevent further flow of fluid after normal conditions have been restored.  A secondary purpose of a pressure relief valve is to minimize damage to other system components through operation of the pressure relief valve itself.

Rupture discs, or rupture disc tees, can be very fragile, can fatigue due to cyclic conditions and potentially be damaged if not handled properly during installation.  Rupture discs, or rupture disc tees, are single use items and do not go back to normal operation after an over-pressure event.  Rupture discs fragment in an over-pressure event and could cause damage to equipment, property, or possibly employees.  Shutdown is needed to process the replacement after each rupture occurrence.  This can be time-consuming costing valuable time and money.

MGM offers ¼” stainless steel pressure relief valves with relief pressures from 50 – 1,800 psig. All of MGM’s pressure relief valves are 100% leak and function tested prior to shipment. Please click here to learn more about our pressure relief valves or contact us to learn more!

 Pressure Relief Valve

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