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Swiss Machining - Yep We Do That!

MGM is pleased to begin offering Swiss machining to customers. During the pandemic MGM made the investment to acquire two Tsugami SS327-III-5Ax machines. These machines are 7-axis Swiss CNC lathes with a B-axis, enabling us to produce small, complicated parts turnkey in a single operation. Our machine shop’s convenient location just north of Tulsa, Oklahoma, enables quick shipping times for machined parts to Kanas, Missouri, Arkansas, Texas, and Louisiana. On our Swiss lathes we can turn any parts 1.375” and smaller diameter. Swiss-style lathes are the modern version of screw machines and are great for small, intricate parts in large quantities/high volume. We have the capability to machine stainless steel, carbon steel grades, aluminum and other grades such as bronze and brass.  Ideal part volumes for our Swiss lathes start at 1,000 units but we are capable of machining 10,000 parts or more per production run. Because we use ESPRIT CAM software to program our machines, we can quickly begin machining your parts from a drawing or 3D model.


In Swiss machining, a bar stock of material is held securely in a guide bushing while a cutting tool moves along the length of the material to shape it. The guide bushing supports the material close to the cutting tool, which reduces the amount of vibration and improves the accuracy of the machining process. Swiss machining is particularly well-suited for producing parts with high aspect ratios (length-to-diameter ratios), as well as for parts that require tight tolerances, complex geometries, and fine surface finishes. It is commonly used in the medical, aerospace, and electronics industries, where small and complex parts are required. Swiss machines like ours are equipped with multiple cutting tools, allowing for multiple operations to be performed on a part without the need for repositioning. This makes Swiss machining a highly efficient and cost-effective process for producing small and complex parts.


Please reach out to MGM for any projects you might have on the horizon with Swiss machining!

Swiss Machining Example 1

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